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    LFP Age of Ashes Pathfinder 2e

    FG License: FGU
    Time Zone: Pacific
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Wednesday on the weekly 12-4pm
    Term: Will play book by book
    Voice: Good old Discord

    Game System Preferred: Pathfinder 2e because it rocks
    Game System Experience: Been gming pf2e since it came out as you know the rule set is extensive so i might miss some rare things hear and there but that's why we are all there to watch each others back
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Been using FG for more than a year. really enjoy the system, i understand like 99% of the programing and coding. But know the system really well

    Character Type Preferred: Read the adventure guide no evil characters as you can guess we will be sticking with core book and advanced class guide and the stuff that is in that content nothing out side of it other than the adventure guide and what's included in the adventure books
    About me: Been gming pathfinder for a total of 12 years now. Did alot of society gming and gming specials and what not. i Have gmed several Adventure paths from Rise of the rune lords, carrion crown, iron fang invasion, Azlant, and curse of the crimson throne, and i have one group who just finished up book 3 of age of ashes so this will be the second group i will be taking threw this one.

    The big thing im hoping to accomplish is get gms who have been gming a long time and give them a break to sit back and actually take a break and play for once.
    This is essentially i big thank you to all those gms out there for all your hard work you put into your games and for taking care of the people in this community and giving people the best game possible.

    This will be a mature game as you guys know no sexual references inappropriate behavior blah blah blah you know keep it clean keep it strait no politics as usual

    If interested please post in the comments section ill check it once a day till the game is all filled out even if it is all filled out leave a comment anyways with your time zone and availability ill make a list and when im gming more games and doing more pathfinder 2e stand alone adventure and adventure paths ill message you and see if your interested and what times work best for you. I know abomination vaults once it is released with FG ill be doing that one also. So leave a comment and lets all get gaming
    JingleBeard out

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    I wish this was from 6pm - 10pm. I would love to play it.

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    Would you accept new players as well? I have never played pathfinder but would be willing to learn. If so, would it be possible to push game 30 minutes. I get off work at 3pm est. if not maybe on the next one.

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    Would you guys be willing to do Friday 1pm-4:30pm

    I dont mind editing the game date and time. if more people commented and expressed there free time we could work a best date and time for all

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    hello interested in playing can do 7-10pm GMT on any day except Friday.

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    Wednesday it is 7pm GMT time to 10pm GMT time which is 11am-4pm Pacific time

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    Thanks for accepting me into your group. As I am new to FG, Im looking forward to both the campaign and trying out FG. Now we just need another player. Come on folks, Pathfinder 2 is great! Give it a try.

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    1200-1600 Pacific (2000-0200 UTC) works for me, so would starting an hour later. I am still pretty new to Pathfinder, not at all new to RPGs and I would love to play a steady, long-term game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JingleBeard View Post
    Wednesday it is 7pm GMT time to 10pm GMT time which is 11am-4pm Pacific time
    I posted then saw this. Does this mean you shortened sessions to three hours (fine by me) and moved start time back an hour? (1200-1300 Pacific is better for my work schedule; I'm in UTC -5)

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    I'd like to join if you still have a spot free. I have moderate FG experience and some PF2. The time of the session is fine, Discord is fine. I really like PF2, it's becoming a favorite of mine. I also have wanted to check out that AP. I haven't looked at it beyond seeing the titles so it'll be a fresh experience.

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