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    LFG DnD 5E time zone GMT +1 (or close to it)

    my name is Vilge or in the real world Mike.
    I am semi expirienced player. Also I run one small adventure as GM (one from essential box) and after I started to be addicted on DnD covid came a we cant play with friends anyome. Now I am not able to wait any more to play and want my escape from reality

    So that is the reason I want to find nice group of players and play online. I am from Czech republic so my time zone is GMT +1. It will be best to play once per week in evening.

    Thx a lot for your time when you reed my post and I am looking forward to do some quests and expirience adventure with some of you! Have a nice day Vilge

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    Hi Vilge,

    At the moment my games are full. Sorry.

    Hope you find a game soon, DM'ing is great. Keep it up and I'm sure you'll be running many games of your own soon enough.

    Dark Darth 66

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