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    Quirky Little Bug with Custom Races - PHB Subraces Showing Up

    I customized all of the races in my homebrew campaign and built them from scratch. Subraces were homebrewed or were removed entirely. When the PHB module is loaded, the standard subraces show up when a character is built. If I unload the PHB, the standard subraces do not show up when a character is built.

    The elf race is the perfect example. I do not have any elf subraces in my homebrew. I built my elf race from scratch, and did not make a copy of the elf race from the PHB. If I have the PHB module loaded and drag and drop my custom elf race onto a character sheet, the popup window to choose a subrace appears. If I unload the PHB, and then drag and drop my custom elf race on a character sheet, no subraces.

    My custom races are in a separate group from the PHB races.

    This makes it very difficult for my players to choose my custom races. I have to leave the PHB module open for built in mechanics to work correctly.

    I have discovered that if I simply change the name of the race, this doesn't happen.

    Is there a workaround for this, other than changing the name of the race?


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    FG will make available all options for all open/loaded races (and classes), this is by design. I think this is the behavior you are describing right? I think you found the two workarounds; either unload the PHB or rename the race (or class). I can't think of any other way to deal with it, but some of the folks who do more customization will be around and might have some ideas.

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    Thanks. Good to know.

    After thinking about this, I think I’ll just have my players unload the PHB while choosing a race, and then load it back up afterwards.

    This doesn’t happen with any other customization, only race. I think this is the most workable option.

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