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    Basement Games LFP - 5E - FGU - click for more info!

    Not recruiting more atm

    Thanks you!
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    Already a lot of interest! We have a number of characters and backstories made already. Some people are looking to play as much as possible and others are looking for bi weekly or even more casual. The system will work either way. It is a sign up basis system where dates and times we have DM availability will be posted and players will need to respond in character in discord and suggest something to do during the session such as...."While out last week we saw, what looked like, a tower to the Southwest of town. Who wants to go explore it with me?!" Then if 3 more players agree to go on that adventure that is what the party will do! The story truly is player driven where the choice of what we run each session is chosen by you. Come have a look and ask some questions. We try to spend a bit of time everyday in general chat to answer questions as well as get to know us and what we are about.

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    We've got roughly 20 people on the server so far with 7 characters ready to go for an early April start. Ive made roughly 120 maps so far as well as numerous automated tables to assist with time management for overland travel. The campaign will be sign up based so there is no set weekly day you would need to keep open. have 2 kids and a puppy thats great! sign up for the sessions you can make and during the downtime make use of our system to either gather/craft or help build the town! If you have questions please hop in discord check out the help channel and ask some questions to see if this is something you'd be interested in. This is new player friendly I am happy to run some mock combats to get people familiar with FG before we start.

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