Nerds of the Nocturnal Sea
by Mac Steel

I am DM Mac. I am excited to announce the reboot of my Nerds of the Nocturnal Sea Campaign. I am seeking new like minded players interested in a Homebrew version of the Domain of Dread based on lore gathered from AD&D 2e, 3.5e and the Fraternity of Shadows. Nerds of the Nocturnal Sea is based on the Eastern half of The Core after the Grand Conjuctioning. You are welcome to invent a new life as a denizen of the Shadowfell or you may embark on an Epic quest that will take us from domain to domain, meeting many of the most interesting and influential characters in the Ravenloft Campaign Setting while introducing news ones as well. The emphasis on this Campaign is Exploration and Discovery, Roleplaying and Social Interaction and finally Combat last. This is a mystery, horror and low magic survival game with a modest ammount of combat sprinkled on top. You need not know anything about Ravenloft to join, players new to FG / D&D are welcome.

Nerds of the Nocturnal Sea includes many Homebrew and unique features.
Custom Classes based on D20 Modern Abilty Based Classes (ie; Strong Hero, Smart Hero, Fast Hero)
Ravenloft Races include Caliban, Dhampir, Half-Vistani, Human
Low Magic but custom Skill Based SpellCasting features based on Five Torches Deep and True Sorcery
Feats Galore! Use your XP to Buy Feats! There are over 200 feats in the Campaign and more on the way.
Heavy Nautical Theme with ships that require team work to operate properly. Man Those Guns!
GUNS! Yes, the main weapons we use are Powder rifles, pistols, cannons, ever heard of a Puckle Gun?
These Times of Terror takes place in time analogous to the 1750 - 1800 but in a fictional world where an Industrial Revolution never happens.
Crafting with mechanics that will allow you to invent new weapons of war!
Grevious Injuries, Mutation Tables, Dark Gifts, Sea Chases, Land Chases, Air Chases?
AIRSHIP!!!! It is my intention that if you survive an Epic Quest, you and your crew will pilot an AIRSHIP to sail the Misty Grey Skies of the Realm of Terror.

But, Mac! What about Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft 5e??
It's an abomination! But, I will still reluctantly get it while I utter dark curses under my breath. We will use whats good and toss the rest.

FG License: All you need is the free version
Game System: D&D 5E Homebrew
Time Zone: Pacific
Day of week and time: Weeknights / Weekends, flexible
Term: 2-4 hours per session depending on players, Multiple weekly sessions possible.
Voice software: Must use Discord
Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No
Roleplay & Combat mix: 75/25
Number of Players in game & needed: 2 - 3 per session (Sometimes More)
Character restrictions: Custom Homebrew only (at first)

About the DM:
My Goal as the DM is simply to explore Ravenloft, the Realm of Terror and Domain of Dread with mature, lost and wayward travelers such as yourselves, the self selected few who willingly enter the Mists. I am old school forever DM from the wayback times of the 1990's. I am not overly concerned with being PC, I do not simulate sexual content at the table and I do not use swear words at the table (I try!). However, my content should be considered for mature audiences only, as true Ravenloft standards demand.

If you are interested in joining or have questions, please send me a PM. In your PM please answer a few questions:
What is your approximate Age Range?
What Pronouns do you prefer?
What is your Experience with D&D and Ravenloft?
What do you like most about table top RPGs?
What kind of experiences do you hope to have in the Domain of Dread?
Ofcourse, feel free to add anything extra when PMing.
Or, feel free to just ask questions right here in the thread.

Thanks for the read! Hope to see you beyond the misty veil my friends!