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    My players had a lot of disconnects today. 7 players, and a combined 5+ disconnect (+1 crash). This was my first session with FGU.

    I'm using the cloud option, so that means that connections goes through FG's servers?
    How can this be improved? Super annoying....

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    Actually, the FGU cloud server mode attempts to forge direct connections between the GM machine and the player machine (and usually succeeds unless a restrictive network scenario). In those cases, the traffic is passed through a relay.

    If you run into disconnects again; please grab the logs from both the GM and the player right after the disconnect occurs and provide here. For the GM, you can grab the logs during the session by typing /console, then clicking the Compile Logs button. For the player, they can click the Logs button in the upper left of the FG launch screen; and then press the Compile Logs button. We need both logs to be able to investigate.

    Oftentimes, we've found that disconnect issues are caused by some sort of security settings on a network router. If it happens to all players, it's usually the GM side. If it only happens to one player, it's usually the player side. FG uses a lot of very bursty traffic when connecting and when sending assets; and this can cause some security software or router settings to trigger. Take a look for any settings on security software or router that would impact. (SPI firewall, Quality of Service throttling, Parental Controls, Ad Blockers, etc.)


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    Thx I will try to look into this on next session.

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