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    Need a DM for Monday nights 5e

    My brother and I have been gaming for years and never seem to have the opportunity to play together. It has always been either him or I having to DM. We would love to have the chance for someone to run a game for us. The DM can have as much or little experience running games, as we try to encourage others to take up the mantle of Dungeon Master. My brother has a wife and friend who will be available as well, meaning we have a group just no DM.

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    can you start at 7pm cst and it will go to 10pm cst 1x per week. I will be using discord. I am using FGU (ultimate, it allows demos). let me know if you can make those times. I will run you guys through a 1 shot campaign an see how it goes.

    You will start at level 1 with starting equipment. I am somewhat of an unorthadox DM. I have nearly fully automated FGU, this means I have installed over 50,000 spells, every imaginable class and race, including a symbiote class. I have polymorphism installed for those who want to play a druid with automated shape changing ability.

    So if it is installed and I have it you can play it. I am also not relegating the players to playing good guys. If the group so desires you can play evil alignment. message me and let me know if you are interested.

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