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    Trained only skills still working untrained

    Skills that are not supposed to be useable untrained are useable. Is there something to set them as not useable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by msbranin View Post
    Skills that are not supposed to be useable untrained are useable. Is there something to set them as not useable?
    Hard coding gate keepers is something that caused issues with the ruleset. Since many table can house rule the use of some or all of the untrained skills. The players will just have to declare they are not trained. A helpful red box does inform the player that it is untrained in the die rolling box.

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    Hrmm no red here. Will have to look into that


    Edit: Never mind is another issue with the Starfinder Bars theme that I will have to look into.
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    Also there are official rules where you can be required to do a skill check for an untrained skill...so being overly aggressive with that would be problematic.
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    good to know Using the default UI the Red highlight for those skills is sufficient for my play sessions.

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