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    Create Module of Special Abilities for new Actions

    Hi Everyone!

    I want to:
    1- Create Actions for special abilities (for example: cleric channel or life link for oracle). This I have done it with no problems.
    2i- Put those actions in the special abilities list.
    2ii- Create a similar Spell list, but with another name like "Special Abilities Actions", and be able to drag the actions from the pc to that list.
    3- Export the "Special Abilities Actions" as a new module. I guess it will be with the "/export" command.

    I'm thinking 2i won't be possible, so i'm trying to focus on 2ii, but i have no idea how to do it.

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    Please help?
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    You can do this as in the following: Create the spell/actions and its effect stuff etc. in a PC sheet, then drag&drop it from there into the "Spell" sidebar Create maybe first a separate group there

    FG will save your definitions for your actions, and each time when you drag&drop it from there into an NPC or PC action tab it will recreate your defined actions

    By the way, there are already modules doing something similar: and

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    review this recent thread as well as this thread to see if anything helps to accomplish what you want to do
    roll dice. it builds character.

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