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    Display order in Notes

    So, I used to use an underscore ( _ ) on my notes, so they'd be easy to find at the top of the Notes section. However, after applying the latest Unity update, my notes are now listed at the bottom.

    Has anyone else seen this issue? Is there a different symbol some of you use to put your notes at the top for quick and easy reference?

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    Are you talking about story entries rather than notes? If you mean actual notes then the only thing that would be there would be notes you made yourself since no module will populate notes. So assuming story entries - what I'd do is create a new group and add my stories to that group. That way it doesn't matter what other stories there might be in the list all my stories are in one place.
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    I'm talking about Notes.

    The players make notes, and I've got notes I share with them. They've standard titles like House Rule - Carousing.

    Then, I'd make myself a note, and I'd name it something like __To Do, so it would appear at the top of the list.

    After the last update, it now appears at the bottom, as the sorting has somehow changed.

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    The sorting was not consistent between paging and in-list sorting which would cause issues where records with certain names could be inaccessible. We changed to perform consistently for both.

    Right now, it’s a case-sensitive sort; but I’ll see if I can adjust for next ruleset release.


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