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    LFG. 2 players looking for weeknight game. CST 5e

    As in the title. My wife and I are looking for a game to join. Both have some experience with DnD. I run a monthly game with close friends, but looking for something for us to both be players and for me to gain some new DMing tips n tricks and to actually get to play.
    Prefer Fantasy Grounds Unity (I have ultimate and she has basic).

    Both new to online DnD.

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    Hi there, I'm running a weekly game on Tuesday evenings 7-10 EST and we need 2 new players. We're a mature group with another husband and wife couple and one other player. Forgotten Realms, 40/60 rp/combat mix. We have a barbarian, cleric and rogue but you can play whatever you wish.

    DM or reply if interested and I'll give you more details.

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    Sent you a DM. Definitely interested.

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