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    Theme Extension not overriding the Radial Background


    Has anyone got a theme working where they override the Rulesets radial background graphic?

    I've got a Call of Cthulhu theme for the new Masks book, it's based on 7E, yet the theme can't change the radial background, in fact when trying to override it, the radial background doesn't display.

    SuperTeddy has tried this for me on CoreRPG and it's the same issue.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
    <!-- Copyright SmiteWorks USA, LLC., 2011  -->
    	<!-- Radial -->
    	<icon name="menubackground" file="graphics/radial/menubackground.png" />
    	<icon name="menuhub" file="graphics/radial/menuhub.png" />
    	<icon name="menuback" file="graphics/radial/menuback.png" />
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
      Please see the license.html file included with this distribution for
      attribution and copyright information.
    <includefile source="gameelements_mon.xml" />
    <includefile source="graphics/graphics_radial.xml" />
    The three graphic files in the graphics/radial folder:
    1. menubackground.png
    2. menuhub.png
    3. menuback.png

    Note: the menuhub and menuback display correctly. Also if I edit the hubcolor etc, those change correctly.

    Anyone got any thoughts? Feels like a bug.


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    The problem is that the menusettings are not defined, because the CoC 7E ruleset uses full replacement images for the radial menu.

    If you want to override, you have to redefine the radial menu objects again, just like in CoreRPG:
    except replacing the hubcolor and backgroundcolor to what you want.


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