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    Problems with SWADE Adventure Deck and MyCustom_AdventureDeck FGU


    I have the SWADE Adventure deck loaded in FGU, and have created some custom cards for it using the MyCustom_AdventureDeck folder/file.

    When I load just the standard deck, everything works honky dory, but when I try to load the custom deck, the standard deck no longer shows up in the Adventure Deck under Options, though I can still view the library. So only the 12 cards I have so far show up in the deck. I can drag to the chat window and the character sheet, but when I try to open a card to view it, it comes up with the "Module Load" window, and will not display anything (guessing this later is as I am not using the full size image - 465 x 650 pixels, but I do not know how to add these to the graphics xml), but the big issue is the standard deck not showing up.

    Any help with this would be much obliged.

    Also, how would you put the full size images in the graphic.xml would be helpful as well.

    Thanks ahead of time!

    EDIT: Okay, so I did just read lower in the pdf, and I have an answer to the module issue, but not the main issue, of the standard deck not being in the deck.
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