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    2021 Castles & Crusades Rule Set and DLC Updates and Feedback

    Ruleset Tim dove into the NPC sheet first off, with the aim of adding some more functionality. He tackled the Saves area of that sheet first.

    NPC saves.png

    Saves are rolled by double clicking the text or dragging it to chat.  Also, a generic secondary save can be rolled by double clicking the "Saves" label.
    Monster saves can be entered normally, but there are now options.  You can add a modifier to the save roll by including it at the end of the save text [+|-]###.
    Adding (s), (sec), or (secondary) will flag the save roll as secondary.  That is not case sensitive, and unmarked saves are assumed to be primary.
    You can have multiple save entries separated by commas, colons, or new lines.  Saves highlight as you hover over them to indicate which will be rolled.
    Then he attacked the Spell Tab, which is the same as the PC Spell Tab, with the pop out mini sheet:

    PC - NPC spells and mini sheets.png

    Comments, questions, and criticisms?

    Note - Yes, you all will get a chance to test this out. Watch this sub-forum for more updates and news.

    edit: the "code" bit for readability.
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    There's a new Castles and Crusades ruleset?

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    Hi team, just want to report an error in C&C Castle Keeper Guide.
    Table 17.5 Rate of Fire: Bow
    1 Arrow should have a 0 penalty. Well that's how it is in the Hardback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodmanje View Post
    There's a new Castles and Crusades ruleset?
    Yeah, one is being worked on in house by someone associated with TLG. That's my understanding at least.
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