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    Hi DCrumb. That is where i get confused as the WIKI I always refer to: do not list a Flat-footed effect, BUT when i click on the "Running Man" icon in Unity I do get to pick a Flat-footed effect. Is it just a case of missing Wiki entries, like "precision"? Cheers

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    The Wiki and FAQ don't have that effect listed. I don't currently play 3.5E so I don't know if the Flat-footed effect is listed there.

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    Rather look at the new wiki https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...d+3.5E+Effects

    (there is more info, but also no flatfooted By the way, it works with and without hyphen) And yes, flanking is something separate to treat, as dogfisc were doing it for example; or the player applies the effect, then they should be able to turn it on/off as they see fit

    Probably GRANTCA was the first effect for flatfooted until flatfooted itself became an effect, I think
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    Super... Thanks for the tips. I'll update my bookmark now

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