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    Bug in Starfinder Unity Map

    When playing in Starfinder unity on a map. If the map was maximized (Pinned to the background) switching turns jumped the 'camera' way out of map bounds and the game seems to track the tokens in the wrong position. This ONLY happens when you are maximized window. Unpinning the map from the background to a floating window corrects it, but it comes back every time you switch turns. I'm not sure if this is starfinder only but we were in starfinder.

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    Do you have a copy of the campaign folder, and the name of the map affected?

    We have been unable to recreate any scenarios like this.


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    I do have it. One thing that has to be done is the map has to be locked for editing. If it's unlocked it doesn't happen. But I can upload the campaign wherever you like (It's 111 megs).

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    Please zip up and place on a file share service like Dropbox or Google Drive for sharing. You can post here; or PM the link to me.


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    Thanks for the link. I think this might be related to the issue where the "send to background panel" option for images is actually creating too big a "window" for the background panel (which technically is making most of the image off-screen). Try resizing the application window after sending to background panel; and make sure that the scroller control icon is visible in the lower right. Then, let me know if you are still having the issue.

    That particular issue will be fixed in the next build; but gated behind vision/lighting work we're on right now.


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