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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    Look in your campaign moduledb directory for some extra XML files that could be related to the dummy entries.
    Thanks, that helped. There were quite some files in there. First removed those with a number at the end. That didn't help. Removing all did. I'm testing on an additional PC, and this solved it. Before I do so on my FG machine, what am I losing?
    Quote Originally Posted by Zacchaeus View Post
    No, because I don't know how you got those entries in the first place. I still suspect an extension and disabling it should get rid of them. But if you can walk me through the steps of how to get them in a new campaign (without any extensions) I might have a better idea.
    I can reproduce now. If I copy the files below to a test campaign, the entries get doubled. I uploaded one of them for reproduction, should you be interested. Just drop it in your ModuleDB folder. It will duplicate you PHB only.

    5E Background Proficiencies, Languages, and Features.xml
    5E Background Proficiencies, Languages, and Features_1605264632.xml
    5E Class List Quick Start.xml
    5E Conditions & Effects.xml
    5E Conditions & Effects_1602258644.xml
    5E Conditions & Effects_1609404585.xml
    5E Conditions & Effects_1613326669.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Class Features_1593164493.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Class Features_1602258643.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Class Features_1605814938.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Class Features_1606164267.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Class Features_1606735118.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Class Features_1607077646.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Class Features_1608975246.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Class Features_1609404584.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Class Features_1610715656.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Class Features_1612556140.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Feats_1605814939.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Feats_1608975247.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Spells_1593164494.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Spells_1602258645.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Spells_1602937519.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Spells_1605814940.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Spells_1606735119.xml
    5E Effects Coding - Spells_1608975249.xml
    5E Feat List with Benefits.xml
    5E Feat List with Benefits_1606735120.xml
    5E Items Effects Coding - Adventuring Gear.xml
    5E Items Effects Coding - Armor.xml
    5E Items Effects Coding - Potions.xml
    5E Items Effects Coding - Rings.xml
    5E Items Effects Coding - Rods.xml
    5E Items Effects Coding - Rods_1602941217.xml
    5E Items Effects Coding - Rods_1602942257.xml
    5E Items Effects Coding - Staffs.xml
    5E Items Effects Coding - Wands.xml
    5E Items Effects Coding - Weapons.xml
    5E Items Effects Coding - Wondrous Items.xml
    5E Items Effects Coding - Wondrous Items_1608975248.xml
    5E Race Ability Modifiers & Key Class Stats.xml
    5E Spells (and Cantrips) Known, Prepared, Recovery per Class.xml
    Content Generator 2020 5e.xml
    Critically Awesome Essentials Module - 5e DM Tools.xml
    Critically Awesome Essentials Module - 5e Player Tools.xml
    Crypt of the Sun Lord.xml
    D&D Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide - Campaign Guide.xml
    D&D Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide - Campaign Guide_1607005967.xml
    D&D Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide - Player's Guide.xml
    D&D Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide - Player's Guide_1607005968.xml
    D&D Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide - Player's Guide_1607029443.xml
    D&D Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide - Player's Guide_1610038771.xml
    DD Dungeon Masters Guide - Maps.xml
    DD Dungeon Masters Guide - Maps_1582963670.xml
    DD Dungeon Masters Guide - Maps_1591729988.xml
    DD Dungeon Masters Guide - Maps_1602691813.xml
    DD Dungeon Masters Guide - Players.xml
    DD Dungeon Masters Guide_1582963665.xml
    DD Dungeon Masters Guide_1588235493.xml
    DD Dungeon Masters Guide_1591729987.xml
    DD Dungeon Masters Guide_1594149515.xml
    DD Dungeon Masters Guide_1598299005.xml
    DD Dungeon Masters Guide_1598383229.xml
    DD MM Monster Manual_1591729989.xml
    DD MM Monster Manual_1595437753.xml
    DD MM Monster Manual_1611393953.xml
    DD MM Monster Manual_1611394855.xml
    DD PHB Deluxe.xml
    DD PHB Deluxe_1591729991.xml
    DD PHB Deluxe_1602258650.xml
    DD PHB Deluxe_1606410184.xml
    DD PHB Deluxe_1610038779.xml
    DD Xanathar's Guide to Everything Players.xml
    DD Xanathar's Guide to Everything Players_1610038782.xml
    DD Xanathar's Guide to Everything.xml
    DD Xanathar's Guide to Everything_1598299011.xml
    DD5E SRD Bestiary.xml
    DD5E SRD Bestiary_1561733500.xml
    DD5E SRD Bestiary_1582963681.xml
    Shops Examples 5E.xml
    Token Share Module.xml
    Tool Proficiencies as Skills.xml
    UM Gemstones with Tables.xml
    UM Gemstones.xml
    Zinderende Zomer Zessies.xml
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    This is what's in that XML file:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <root version="4" dataversion="20201016">
    		<duration type="number">1</duration>
    		<duration type="number">1</duration>
    				<public />
    Something, I would imagine an extension, is posting "duration" entries into incorrect areas of the database. This is more than likely an extension related to effects.

    The only thing this XML file is dong (other than the erroneous durations) is sharing the "stealth" skill data - so I'd say you can remove this one.

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    Thanks, if it returns, I'll try to find the culprit. For now, I'm going to delete the entries with but a duration in it. I posted but one, but I have about 8 dummy entries. I expect similar issues for those.

    Edit: /cheer
    I used notepad++ to remove all duration entries. That helped.
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