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    How to get paid for pay to play

    I'm new to Fantasy Grounds and was wondering how I get paid for pay to play games through Paypal. Do I have to send my players an invoice or do they just send money to my account?

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    Hey I don't know if there is any recommended way of doing this. If you want to start doing this, why don't you include this question in your game post in the forum? I'm sure the players that are interested in your game and you can find a way to pay you, that suits everyones needs. I think as long as you can get to an agreenment with your players, its all good.

    Also try to keep reposts to minimum. The thread you posted this question in before isn't even 24 hours old. Maybe noone has gotten around to answer the question yet, or maybe people have read it but don't know an answer, because there is no "right" way to do it.
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    pay to play is an informal relationship between you and your players. It has nothing to do with Smiteworks. I suggest that you use something like paypal and have the players pay you 24 hours in advance. offer discount for paying 4 weeks in advance. and make sure you run a game that the players are motivated by so that they keep returning.

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    Thanks. I would now like to delete this thread.

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    We don't delete threads. We leave them so that people in the future who have the same questions or are interested in a topic can see what has been discussed before.

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    The information in this thread may also help: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...a-Games-Master

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