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    GM Health Status Indicator not working

    Hi all,

    I don't have any extensions loaded. The GM view of the Health Status Indicator is not working right. No matter the choice of indicator: Bar/Bar Hover/Dot/Dot Hover in the options, the indicator is wrong.

    When the game first loads, the health indicators are fine. But as soon as I alter a players wounds in the combat tracker, the status indicator jumps to a different wrong state, seemingly at random. What I mean, for example, is that if the character is near death, it will show full health (sometimes). It seems to be random, or at least I can't discern the pattern, other than it isn't correct.

    Some curious facts:
    -This only seems to affect Player characters. When I adjust wounds on NPCs the status indicator behaves properly.
    -Curiously, when I log into the game as a Player, the Player view of the ally health indicators works fine.
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    How are you altering the PC wounds? Targeted damage rolls? Drag rolling? Just editing them by typing? Mouse wheel? Or?? And what ruleset?
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    5E ruleset.

    The problem appears to be when typing into the Combat Tracker Wound cell. From the limited testing I just did, the Status Indicator seems to work properly when damage is applied automatically via rolling dice.

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    I was able to reproduce this. It's actually unusual for a DM to do change hp that way since the number is usually generated from somewhere and then dropped on the wounds so you don't have to do math.

    Just to verify if you type in the current wounds, and then hold down the Ctrl key and roll the mouse wheel up one and then back down over the wounds to add one and subtract one - the status updates correctly?

    The bug appears to be that wound status is not updated by a typed change in PC wounds.

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    Oh! I didn't know about the CTRL key + mouse wheel. That's nice. And yes, CTRL + mouse Wheel while Combat Tracker Wound Cell has focus works properly. As you said, the error seems to occur only when you type into the wound cell. Thanks for reproducing.

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    Can someone provide me with the steps to reproduce; because it appears to be updating for me on a GM client?


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    Hi Moon Wizard, I am not doing anything that requires any particular set of steps to make this occur. I've tested across several different battle maps and the problem is constant.

    If I manually click into the wound cell of any Player Character (or friendly NPC) on the combat tracker, and type in a value, the Health Status indicator is not in the appropriate state. (I use bars, but it doesn't matter the visual choice). For instance, if the character is at full health, and I type in a wound number equal to half their health, the status indicator budges just a smidgeon. It SEEMS that often times the status indicator goes in the wrong direction. If I enter in "1" in the wound, the indicator shows imminent death (bright red, small bar), but if I enter MAX HP in the wound, the indicator shows full health.

    As soon as I change the wound by CTRL-SCROLL WHEEL it fixes itself.


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    Changing the wound amount on the Combat Tracker of a PC by typing doesn't trigger an update of the wound status on the tracker or counters.

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    type in the chat and then drag it to the wounds or HP
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    It is changing for me in the 5E ruleset by editing the Wounds field directly.

    What ruleset are you using?
    Can you disable any extensions you are using?


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