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    Reload destroys rActor info in Hotkey


    after the update I have the following problem, if I drag a roll into the hotkey bar it works only for the session.
    After a reload clicking the hotkey results in a error if the resultshandler uses the rSource/rActor object in the roll result handler.

    I hunted the problem down to ActionsManager.decodeActionFromDrag(draginfo) which is invoked by actionHotkey, after the reload this function returns nil as rSource.
    Going a bit deeper it is draginfo.getShortcutList() which returns {}.
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    It looks like the shortcut class needs to be non-empty for reloading session hot keys; which had been changed to empty since not needed for anything else.

    I'll look into patching CoreRPG next week to add something in there, so that hot keys preserve actor state.


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