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    Paizo FG Syncing Adventure Paths 1st Edition

    Question about the following FG Perk :

    Benefits of syncing your accounts and retrieving your ownership will allow you to get free PDF versions from Paizo for all Pathfinder products you purchase on Fantasy Grounds. Similarly, retrieving a list of PDFs you own at Paizo will discount the full cost of the PDF from purchases on Fantasy Grounds. The discount is added when you add it to your cart.

    If you buy the physical copies of Adventure Paths from Pazio and get the PDF with it does that still count towards your discount on FG or does it have to be PDF Purchase only that counts towards the FG discount?

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    Just ignore this. Couldn't figure out how to delete thread. I was on The Paizo site and Thought if you bought the physical copy the give you the PDF. They do not.

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    You could watch the Humble Bundle site, as they sometimes will have bundles of PDFs available.

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