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Thread: Token Issue

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    Token Issue

    Having token scaling issues, no extra extensions, just using base rulesets.

    Why are my tokens doing this? (See Attached Images)
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    That B is a large creature, the PCish is medium size? The PCish also has token facing activated in the options. The Options menu has a number of token options in the Token (GM) section including scaling, facing, and health. What is it that is puzzling you about those tokens?

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    I am puzzled as to why the images are not fitting within the outer "red" ring in image #1 and the outer "green" ring in image #2 (as well as it being off-center).

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    What size is the token in image #2. As far as I can see Image one is fine.
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    Image #1 doesn't fill the ring, i.e. the white gap between the actual token and the outer red ring. I've tried changing the size of tokens and always get a different result. I also use some tokens using Token Stamp. I don't maybe I'm loading them wrong. I have some that fit perfectly.

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    The image ring uses the radial size of the image as the location to draw the ring. It is meant to simply be an indicator of which tokens are "selected" by the user.


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