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    Unity Core RPG Ruleset Character Sheet - Abilities Tab Will Not Accept Story Entries


    I have noticed that, in the Unity version of FG, the Abilities tab on the character sheet for Core RPG will not accept Story entries. In FG Classic, this was possible. If the Abilities tab in Core RPG accepted any drag and drops (Story, Notes, Images) it would be much more flexible / versatile, as it was in FG Classic.

    Thanks for reading, and any help you might provide,
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    This is actually a bug in FGC; where it does not respect the record type limits for dragging and dropping.

    I'll add Story/Notes to available drag and drop support for FGU. Dragging images would actually incorrectly copy the image record; but be inaccessible and leave remnant data.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    I'll add Story/Notes to available drag and drop support for FGU.
    Hello! I noticed that this was remedied in the latest update.

    Thank you for your time and attention!


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