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    Sword of the dales typos

    Hello, I'm currently playing the sword of the dales and i've found a couple typos:

    1)In the "tomb players map" the pin "004.008 5. In Her Hands" is missing, while is displayed correctly in the dm map; in is stead on the tomb player map there is a duplicated "004.005 2.. Warrior Hall"

    2)In the Watchful eyes encounter there are correctly listed 2 monster skeletons, of the giant verbeeg variety, BUT the base monster used should be "skeleton, monster" (changed to 1d6 dmg and 4 ac and 4+4 HD as listed in the verbeeg description) instead of "skeleton, giant" (who is massively op for a first level party btw).

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    ok i will look at my source files and make the corrections, if you find any further issues feel free to PM me and thanks for the feedback

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    just finishing the end of this trilogy, but also spotted a few other issues when running this particular module:

    Powers on Ring of Fire Resistance are incorrect, modelled different from the DMG one, needs manual triggering and doesn’t include the damage reduction. DMG one is correct.
    Dagger of Venom only includes description and doesn’t actually include any Weapon entry on the item, so can’t be used. Excludes the poison aspect all together.
    Potion of Extra-Healing should probably include 3 uses rather than 1, otherwise no way to keep track if 1d8 variant is used. DMG version also.
    Sword of the Dales item – odd unnecessary “Sword of the Dales” power and too many charges



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    Sometime around 1369 DR the sword was briefly recovered by Randal Morn on an expedition that he and his Freedom Riders took into the tomb of Shraevyn.

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