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Thread: DCC questions

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    DCC questions

    How does the FG client handle DCC?
    • funky dice
    • random level 0 character creation?
    • anything else unique?

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    Thanks, didnt see a section for the ruleset specifically

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    Funky dice are included through a menu (Right click on the dice to bring them up), the actual dice rolled are the normal rpg dice.
    You can also use an extension to group them all under one menu (in the +/- Fate die).

    There is an extension called DCC Gongfarmer Generator that can make random level 0s.

    Warrior Deed die needs to be rolled before making an attack roll to properly add the modifier.

    Overall, everything works pretty well and is slowly getting better with updates.

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    I run a DCC campaign and with the CC gen and die extensions it runs great. The maps are the original but many have LOS added.

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