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    [LFP) Flexable GM willing to run many systems

    Hello there,my name is Jacob. All of my games here are pathfinder modules at set times but I am willing to do homebrew, other systems, and different times if there is interest. As described below.

    Game System: Pathfinder
    Weekly games
    Curse of the Crimson Throne: Wednesday 8 am PST 0/5 players
    Giantslayer: Monday 3:30 pm PST 0/5 players
    Mummy's mask: Friday 4:30 pm PST 0/5 players
    Rise of the Ruinlords: Sunday 9 am PST 0/5 players
    Skull & Shackles: Saturday 3 pm PST 1/5 players
    Game System: Stars Without Number
    Weekly Games: Shooting for Sunday 4 pm PST( looking to run multiple games of this though so almost any time works as long as we get a group together)
    Cost:$15 per session

    GM/Player License: I have the ultimate license so you just need the demo
    Voice/Text: Games will be voice based
    Mix of RPG/Combat/Strategy: Up to the group but if it's a premade module there will be set amounts of encounters that I will fine tune
    Permitted Source Books: In general official books only but this can change if the game is homebrew
    Permitted/Restricted Player Options: Normally very little
    Duration of sessions: The system I have is based around 4 hours of game time with 3 ten minute that we take after about every hour of gameplay

    I have multiple services related to this hobby that I am happy to provide
    I am also willing to run one shots or fill in for a missing gm for various amounts of time.

    What Players can expect from me, and what I expect from players
    My priorities are as follows Role Playing, consistency, rules.
    This means I don't talk about unrelated subjects during the session. I am punctual, and have things prepared. I expect players to be on time, for it affects my ability to schedule more games. I'm happy to run up to half an hour over schedule. I bring a solid knowledge of the systems I run. If I make a ruling during a session that isn't in the books I stick to it. My focus is on role playing and player entertainment . As a paid GM, I still have the right to arbitrate any changes in the campaign. I have the responsibility to make and adjust decisions while at the same time keeping the flow of the game intact.

    Paying a GM and what you should know
    Session zero is a social contract. We all decide before we even begin playing what is or is not okay, and we are expected to respect those boundaries.I put a lot of work into the games. My time between games is put into preparation for the next session.

    My price structure
    I charge $15.00 per session per person. It breaks down to $15.00 for a five hour session. Session zero is always free. Every session after that is paid for in advance. Every 5th game is a $12.00 session. Subsequent games must be paid up-front within 24-hours of the game's start. We run games on a Three-strikes policy: if you fail to pay in advance of a session, your character will be benched for a maximum of three sessions after which they will be removed from the story. Emergencies will be handled on a case by case basis.

    Things i have been hired for
    I am willing to be hired to run modules,one shots and homebrew games. I can also be hired to create/run unique NPCs or monsters. I can also be hired as a fill in GM.

    Why a paid game?
    A paid game lets you get what you want. You can rest easy knowing that I am going to work very hard on the game for you. Paying for a game usually means that your fellow players are more likely to show up for sessions, since they have invested in it. Your game matters to me. If you have any questions,let me know. I'm always happy to answer.

    Final notes
    I regularly update this description.

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    Hello, i represent a group of 5 players looking for an immersive, action orientated 5e D&D game. We would lean towards a home brew style campaign but are open to discussing some of the 5e Published campaigns. Is this an opportunity you're open to pursing?

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