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    FGU: Multiple Token Layers

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I have watched video after video mounting to numerous hours. I have hundreds of dollars of tokens and now I have begun collecting the various map tile packages because I agree that they save me time in prepping for my various campaigns, and honestly are quite awesome for me and my players to see and experience. However, with this all being said, what I can't seem to be able to do is to lock various tokens down in place so they are unmovable or unable to be interacted with by either myself or by the players during play. Look, I love my top-down tokens (which btw I miss the category on steam but that is another conversation) and I want to use them but I feel more constrained by FGU in the use of my tokens and not less.

    FGU has been an amazing experience for myself and my players since I upgraded to it about three weeks ago and I still have a lot to learn. Perhaps I haven't learn this trick yet (I am still working through a 3hour video by Joshua Watmough), but I do not think you can do this with tokens and it is a shame. Tokens have enhanced the Fantasy Grounds for a long time and shouldn't be ignored.

    Thanks all


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    To add tokens to a layer select the layer tool and then drag the token into the 'stamp' box and then click where you want to place the token. You can them move and resize it etc.
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    And then you can lock the layer and/or make who it is viewable to (GM only or players for instance). I see now. Very cool.

    I was using the tiles but not the tokens that way.

    In my defense, I am brain damaged!

    Thanks as always Zacchaeus!


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