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    CoreRPG Combat Enhancer for FGU

    Whipped up a small extension to learn the ropes. This borrows heavily from Kelrugem's overlay extension (with permission!) and only does a few things, but does so in a system agnostic, anything that works for CoreRPG way. I've also tried to write this extension to call back to the original CoreRPG code any time I've altered the logic flow in an attempt to get this extension to play nicely with others.
    The ultimate goal is to then write one for 5E that imports this extension and then adds 5E specific things, as well as one for (most likely) PFRPG2.

    Permanent Link to download the most recent release at any given time.

    Link to the gitlab repo.

    From the README:

    CoreRPG-Combat-Enhancer FGU
    A little diddy to make things mo betta when it comes to combat in Fantasy Grounds. It doesn't do much, but what it does I find super handy and will work with any ruleset using the CoreRPG ruleset.

    Much Thanks To:
    Kelrugem, Celestian, damned, Moon Wizard, tahl_liadon for answering my many questions and providing code, graphics, guidance, etc.

    Licensed under GNU GPLv3

    GM: Hovering over token in combat tracker will highlight the matching token on the map
    Players: Double clicking on icon of owned PC in the combat tracker will open the map the token is on, if any
    Hovering over token on the map will highlight the associated entry in the combat tracker
    Wound overlays for tokens based upon their health status

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    Sorry if anyone tried to hit either of those links. I thought I had the gitlab project set to public but it wasn't. I've updated the project and the links should work now.

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