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    Image Toolbar missing?

    Updated Classic today, now the toolbar at the top of the image windows is gone, unless I go to fullscreen. What gives? I run FGC stretched across two monitors, and maximizing the map to fullscreen is not desirable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    In the top right corner, just left of the lock icon there is another Icon. Three dots above a downward arrow, this is the toolbar toggle.

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    Are you running any extenions? What ruleset?

    I tried in CoreRPG and 5E; and the toolbar can be opened using the button in the header and automatically opens if there are tokens on the map.


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    5E ruleset, with and without extensions loaded. I haven't had this problem before. Opened a game currently in use that worked just fine the day before FG updated, now the toolbar only shows with map maximized.

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    The toolbar toggle button is displaying just fine for me in the default 5E ruleset. (see picture attached)

    Make sure that you don't have any rulesets unpacked into folders in your FG data folder under the rulesets subfolder; and turn off any extensions.

    If still having an issue, please load your campaign, type /console, press Compile Logs button, and provide your logs here.

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    Quick update. Started FGC, and it updated again. Toolbar is working now, but have a script error triggering. I'm guessing there's a problem with an extension, since it was in another game that didn't have ext disabled.

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    You won't be able to compile the logs with FGC.

    Make doubly sure you've turned off all extensions, or got versions that have been updated for yesterday's release. For example, the enhanced images extension needs updating, if you don't update that extension the toolbar won't appear...

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    Yup. Combat Enhancer is triggering errors. Otherthan that,, everything else seems to work now.. Thanks for the responses. I really appreciate it.

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    For me, it was the Enhanced Images (CoreRPG +) extension that was the culprit.

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