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    Total Hits Not calculating Correctly

    Love the rule set. Iíll be introducing a few friends to it next week. However, it seems as if the hits is not calculating correctly. I just end up putting the derived total in the body development skill rank bonus as a workaround, but I donít see how to get hits to calculate correctly otherwise.

    Example, character has 91 constitution = 9 hits +4 ranks of body development for 21 +3 for level 1 fighter +20% for constitution bonus. (9+21+3)*1.20 =39.6 round up to 40.

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    Total Hits is just looking for the Body Development skill total bonus. It isn't actually calculated in the ruelset at this point. Basically for the rank bonus for Body Development you would put in the total (9+21). Then put in the level bonus in the level bonus field. It should do the multiplication using the Con stat for the total bonus.

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    Unless you play FRP Extension then it does calculate automatically

    Sorry Dakadin could no resist hehehe

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    Thanks guys. Just making sure I didn't miss anything.

    I thought about it Ardem. Maybe next campaign.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardem View Post
    Unless you play FRP Extension then it does calculate automatically

    Sorry Dakadin could no resist hehehe
    LOL. I don't blame you. It is a lot easier to do the calculations automatically when a random roll isn't involved though. Then again let me know if you want to take over development of the RMC ruleset.

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    You can fudge the correct total hits by entering you hit dice rolls plus 1/10th of your constitution in the skill rank bonus as your base hits then add the extra to make it total hits as a miscellaneous bonus or manually calculate the total hits and use that as skill rank bonus.

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