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    D&D 5e GM - LFP - Intermediate to Super Advanced players - look here.

    Greetings Adventurer!

    Are you looking for a game centered on fun, exploration, and conquest rather than being crushed by a rules-monger GM that has no ability to actually entertain?

    I designed hit RPG for PC back in the '90s. My knowledge of D&D and tabletop roleplaying goes back to the 1980's when I was running Advanced D&D for my brother and his friends. To join this paid adventure, you'll need a fast internet connection speed. My advanced knowledge of Fantasy Grounds lets me either build or educate you on how to macro those commands! This will mean we can cover more territory and have more encounters in every session. I use soundboards and voice acting, amid a varied offering of 5e game modules. We will play epic adventures with thousands of testing, with customized many puzzles and maps of my own design sprinkled throughout.

    I have two other dedicated players, and I will wrangle in special guest players when the journey allows. This journey will take your character all the way to level 20. You'll be able to see the endgame and obliterate epic enemy bosses in unbelievably dangerous arenas that you're insanely well equipped for. This will be a chance to test your gaming chops, as you will be able to improve other facets of your character through downtime abilities and make your marks, additions, and memories with epic stories to remember for ages.

    I'm not extremely vulgar, but players would need to be 18+. We'll spend time building an epic character, with a back story that his weaved throughout the game to give you a truly catered and unique experience to some of the best modules ever written.

    If you're looking to GM yourself one day, this would be an excellent opportunity to get a different perspective on how to approach the playing process.

    Game System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
    Weekly games, Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays
    Cost:$15 per session

    GM/Player License: I have the ultimate license so you just need the demo
    Voice/Text: Games will be voice-based using Discord.
    The mix: RP 40%, Combat 50%, Prep 10% - You will need to play smart and ideally have a fun voice in mind to roleplay your character.
    Permitted Source Books: PHB, DM, XGE, Volo's, Book of Lost Spells, Maybe others? I have them all.

    Player Requirements
    Permitted/Restricted Player Options: Over 18 and reliable.
    Duration of sessions: The system I have is based around 4-6 hours of game time

    The audio channel is for the group leader or whoever's turn it is. All other communique is typed in the chat log.
    Humor is strongly encouraged whereas insulting, roguish or inelegant behavior is not tolerated.
    You will be on time, or let me know in advance.
    You will pay attention to the Discord channel for updates.

    What you can expect
    I like to run a fast game, that requires people to pay attention. I am ADHD and truly love to roleplaying because of the wide range of creative situations we get into.
    I will stay in touch, be available throughout the week for special attention like tuning your character, leveling him up, or maybe helping in a downtime activity.
    I simply do not get mad. If people attempt to derail the session or start to sabotage it, I believe in swift action to keep the mood positive, which is of the utmost importance.

    Paying a GM and what you should know
    Session zero is to see if we gel and to build your characters. A little mini-session to see if my time is indeed valuable to you.

    My price structure
    I charge $20 per session per person.
    Session zero is free. If you're interested in playing, you will pre-pay for your next session.

    Why a paid game?
    Honestly, the main reason is: I want a commitment. $20 is less than you spend at the movies, eating, bowling... whatever. Six hours of my time is totally worth a lunch. If you have skin in the game (paid money), then you'll be more invested in making it, and that commitment is what we need to make sure all the players have a great time.

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    I have three players, and seeking 2 more! If interested, please message me. We are starting at level 1 in Dragon Heist, within the city of Waterdeep. This would be a great way for new players to have a great chance at a run to character level 20. Tomorrow at noon central standard time, it starts, and if you can make it, I will get you in. If you haven't played Dungeon of the Mad Mage or Dungeon Heist before, you won't want to miss it. If you have played this one, Sorry, but I will announce when I start up a new session again. Have fun and be creative!

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    The game changed to Mondays at 3 pm CST. The adventure begins next Monday.

    The difference between me and other GMs is I don't homebrew. I take the original modules, and I find the best remixes of them that are balanced. I then take add my own flavorings all over it, with fun voices and subplots. It's nice to have twists on tried and true, so you know what the rules are easily. If you're a hardcore rules nazi, bring it! I'm not! I have been a GM and game developer for so long, I can actually explain the algorithms on how it will break the system if you do it. If you show me proof, I will graciously concede. I mean, we'll do a temporary ruling to keep the game moving, but we'll get it resolved. I only want it to remain fun in the endgame.

    I have long-time players to fill out our group, to ensure a smooth start until we add more. Please message me for details to see how your skills help the party greatest! The first five levels are a pretty high RPG mix, but it is up to your devious cunning on how it turns out. Be a super-villain, or the almighty bringer of justice. Hell, don't say anything and just blow **** up. It's up to you really, I'm the guy to figure out what amuses you because it all amuses me.

    For I am the Games' Master! Muahaha! Seriously though, just let me know if you want to play.
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