FG License: FGU Ultimate. Players only need Demo
System: 5e D&D
When: Wednesday 02/24/2021 9pm/2100 ET/GMT-4
Cost: Free to watch, but you will receive a sales pitch for my paid games.
What's needed: Fantasy Grounds Ultimate installed. A good speaker or headphones. A microphone if you want to ask questions in the Q&A at the end. Webcams will be off.
Recorded: Yes, for presenter's records and process improvement.

The Pitch:
We will conduct an introduction to getting started with Fantasy Grounds as a player. By the end of the session you will have a character of your own to import into any D&D game running on Fantasy Grounds. You should be familiar with the types of characters in the Player’s Handbook or SRD so you have an idea of what you want to make. You will need to download Fantasy Grounds and follow along making your character in a similar manner to the Instructor. This will be a classroom lecture format. The Instructor will share their screen so you can watch and follow along.

This is not a theory class on the best decisions to make during character development. You will need a basic familiarity with the Backgrounds, Races, and Classes in the Player’s Handbook to make these decisions prior to class.

To Sign Up for the Webinar: https://startplaying.games/join-game...13157326700500

If there are no signups by 24 hours prior I will cancel and push out another two weeks. The webinar will be cancelled if no registered attendees sign in 5 minutes after start.

You will receive a link to the webinar after registering.