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    {LFG] Solo player seeking a Thursday evening D&D5e group.

    Hi, I'm looking for a group needing a single player for Thursday evening games (7:30pm MST for 3ish hours, weekly or biweekly), preferably free.
    I've been playing D&D since red box edition, along with many other games. I'd prefer to play D&D5e, but willing to play other RPGs.
    Please message me if you've a spot open.

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    You posted in the paid games section.

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    It's either that or "One Shot", and I didn't want a one-shot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harlequin381 View Post
    It's either that or "One Shot", and I didn't want a one-shot
    Yeah, it is a bit confusing. There are three parts --- a main forum and two sub forums. The main formum is for general messages about recruiting and for free games that are ongoing.
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    Not very intuitive, but found it

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