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    Yeah, but it would be nice to have it in the store, no other OSR settings there.

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    I'd like to share some of my upcoming Savage OSR campaign. I'll be using many things from Gold & Glory, but also some homebrew rules.

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    This past weekend we had our second session. Not as many players due to some scheduling conflicts. Had a player character die spectacularly to an average foe. To those raised on no-character-death systems, this may seem like a problem. However, it didn't bother any of us (the player whose character got yeeted to oblivion included)! Made for an old-school feel. I suppose that one could use the general setting option that caps wounds to no more than 3 in one attack, but we will not be doing so. We like that combat can be randomly deadly and bennies for soak roles are very important.

    Also, I would point out that the random character generation system integral to Gold and Glory meant that the affected player quickly replaced their deceased character with almost no downtime. The generation of the replacement had the rest of us excited to see what the new character would be. It is true that this system will not result in perfectly balanced adventuring parties. But that is part of the fun. No wizard? Oh well. No healer? Better be careful. It makes for a greater challenge for player and gamemaster alike and we like it. This may turn some people off, but I would encourage everyone to try it our before deciding that isn't the game for you.

    The exploding dice mechanic is very satisfying in FGU!

    We also tried the level-up system of Gold and Glory. It is a cool trade off. Pay your 50gp to go "Carousing". Draw a card. Value of card either adds a temporary bonus (or penalty!) until you next go "Carousing". Level up as per advancement rules in SWADE core book. Question becomes do I spend my gold on better equipment, or do I use it to level up?

    I checked in with our player who only has experience with 5e. I think that I have converted him into a SWADE true believer!

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