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    Is there a Starfinder random loot extension for FGU?


    i didn't find anything about that, so i guess the answer would be "no", but maybe i just haven't looked in the right place.

    I'm wondering if there is a random loot generator extension for FGU available. I found some generators online that work quite well, but nothing in regard of FGU. I thought about trying to create one on my own, but i'm way to bad in programming .

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    Unless someone is secretly coding extensions, no.

    There is a website though.

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    You shouldn’t have to code an extension to do random loot tables.

    Here’s an example of a random treasure table using standard FG tables: https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...Treasure-Table
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    The website i do already know and use @ stephan_. The generator (the page overall) seems to be quite good to me .

    The examples are good @Trenloe - i didn't think about that to be honest. I'll give it a try - even though its manual work to create those tables - i was hoping for a "semi automatic" way since there are some rules on how much loot a group might obtain after a fight. (for e.g. X Credits worth in loot after figthing a Y strong group of enemys).

    Anyways - thanks for your comment's, i'll give it a shot!

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