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    I know with Dundgeondraft, someone released a free tool that converts the vtt map into png and an xml file that can read the walls and doors (but unfortunately can't differentiate between doors and windows).

    Hopefully it wouldn't be TOO difficult for Dungeon Alchemist to do something similar. However, as others have said, even if all I can get are 2d maps, I don't mind adding LOS myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griogre View Post
    Exactly! That's how I feel. But it bothers me when people say, "Oh this is going to be so great when they add support for X." Sometimes, that next step never happens.
    Agreed. Looks great as is for the price. Definitely has value if it performs as advertised. I wonder if/what discussions they have had with the people at Fantasy Grounds...

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    If this becomes a popular map making tool, the Steamworks mod support is great. It allows for fan made stuff to very easily be added. Which would certainly help smaller genres (basically everything other than fantasy) to get greater support.

    With all the money they got, hope that they work on more free form construction. The FAQ states with the questions "Can I only do square or rectangular rooms?" that only 90 degree corners is possible now, which makes natural cave dungeons impossible.

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    Their issue currently is that for their AI generated maps, objects that are not square\rectangular in nature causes them problems. I am sure that with how much they have generated with this Kickstarter, that eventually they will include some other form of rooms\et al, but that is going to be outside what they are delivering from this Kickstarter and their initial design. And even with that limitation, I am really happy with what they are promising to deliver as this package. I can deal with square\rectangular rooms for an on-the-fly creation when I need it, or for pre-made things that fit the mold. Outside that, I have DungeonDraft to make my caves, whatnot.

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