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    FG Rolemaster new books?

    Hello I was wandering if there is any rolemaster books planned to be released this year? Rolemaster Companion I was a valuable addition. With some books adapted to Rolemaster Classic system, like Combat Companion and Oriental Companion you guys are working on it (Dakadin in special)? As an old rolemaster GM use those books would be great.


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    Dakadin has mentioned in the past that if something is available via DriveThruRPG, it could potentially be made available in FG.

    It is interesting that Combat Companion is available for ERA, but I do not see it otherwise, so maybe it could be made available, not really sure.

    Oriental companion is available, so again maybe.

    I'm not really sure how the process works (Dakadin would probably be the best person to know).

    I know from personal experience how long it takes to make something that looks good and works well in FG (I converted the Creatures of Middle-earth book for personal use). I would suspect that community members might be able to help out, but again I don't know the process.
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    I think it is fair to assume that most of RMC will be made available for FGU, for older versions (RMSS/RMFRP/RM2/MERP) than you would have to rely on fan and community extensions and modules. Note that ICE (the publisher) no longer have rights to MERP and associated material so any such will not be made available through official channels.

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    Also I am looking forward to have some ShadowWorld supplements like Master Atlas, Jaiman and Emer.

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