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    Table Resolver Just Stopped Working

    Had a game tonight.

    The usual few skill checks were made - no problem.

    Came to combat. Rounds 1 and 2 were fine - no issues at all. GM could attack PCs and apply damage and critical results. No problem. Players could attack enemies and the Resolver popped and the GM could apply results and critical results - again no problem.

    Round 3 everything OK for about the first half. Then all of a sudden the Table Resolver stopped responding/working at all.

    GM could attack from the CT entries but the Resolver never popped open. Both targeted attacks or even untargeted attacks never opened the resolver.

    Tokens on map were linked to CT entities (background shading for red and green were present).

    Initially NPCs wouldn't pop the Resolver, then it wouldn't work at all for PCs either.


    I can provide a copy of the campaign via DropBox for testing should that be necessary.

    RAM in use at the time ~ 2.3 GB (16 GB total on board).
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    I will look into it. It likely has to do with some of the changes made to the CoreRPG actions that I am still in the process of updating. I am not sure why it works at first and stops for some people though but will see what I can find out. I will let you know if I need a copy of the campaign. Thanks for offering.

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    A restart fixes it until it can be properly resolved.

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    Hi Arion,

    I am getting some more details from JohnD and wanted to see if it happens the same way for you. Is the issue that the rolls aren't appearing in the Table Resolver stack in the lower left corner so you can't resolve them?


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