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Thread: Ambush Error

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    Ambush Error

    When I open the Ambush skill in the character sheet I get this error.


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    This looks like the error I and a few others reported a few weeks ago. I believe the fix will be released this week or next.
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    Yes, the fix should be in tomorrow's release. Please let me know if it doesn't resolve the issue for you after you update.


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    The recent update gives me this error in FG Classic.


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    Also, I know that Nightblades can work up an appetite with all that killing, but..."Food Preservation" in the Adrenal Focus spell list?


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    yes, I get the same error message (as soon as I open an existing campaign and also when I create a new one and then open it).

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    Yeah, a development update was included with yesterday's release that wasn't supposed to happen yet. Unfortunately, it causes this error but shouldn't impact your games in anyway after you get the initial error.

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    The update just released for FGC should fix the error in FGC. Is anyone encountering the issue with FGU?

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    the latest update fixed the error for me. Thank you Dakadin!

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    I can't take credit for the fix. Moon Wizard actually fixed it.

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