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    COVID Games Call of Cthulhu 7th ed Unity 7th Feb 7pm UTC+0 "The Spear of Destiny"

    Title: The Spear of Destiny
    FG ruleset: Achtung! Cthulhu (Call of Cthulhu 7th ed)
    FG Unity
    License type needed: player only need demo licence
    Start time and date and time zone: 7pm 7th Feb 2021 UTC+0
    Duration: 4 hr link:
    Voice comm requirements: Discord
    Other requirements: Pregens will be provided
    <Description of the planned session and any other info>
    Maximum number of players: 6
    Currently playing: 3

    Game ran successfully, most likely will run again in a couple of weeks if people are interested
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    Hi are you still in need of players?

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    I am planning to run another one shot this weekend if you are interested, what timezone are you in? Not sure of time yet possibly Friday 8pm UTC+0 or Sat/Sun 7pm UTC+0

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    I am interested,central standard time.

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    So you are 6 hours behind us, are you working Friday? i.e. would you be available 13.00? not sure when we are playing yet just trying to find out what people can manage

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    I do work Friday, every Friday actually. I wouldn't be available on Fridays until after 18:00

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    Still waiting for people to get back to me, will be in touch when I know what is happening and when

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    OK game set for 7pm UTC+0 21st Feb (that's 1.00pm CST) if you private message me your discord name I will friend you and give more details.

    If anybody else is interested I still have a couple of slots available.

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