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    Quote Originally Posted by readymeal View Post
    I thought about converting any of the TOMES (the 2 named above or Axe of the Dwarvich Lord ) but on top of being serious conversion (around 200 pages) and complex, they also cater for high level players... not sure how many DMs have players above level 10 in a VTT. Happy to be proven wrong.
    Not YET! Although it looked like Celestian's group that finished ToEE was getting close. I'll be curious to see how playing higher levels goes as my games progress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustinthewind77 View Post
    I posted this in the wrong spot I think, my wish list by order

    Psionic HB

    The Complete Book of Necromancy

    Humanoid HB
    as far as i know Psionic handbook uses psionic power a different way that the mighty 2E ruleset is using it... no it would be pointless...

    one of the last 2 is well in progress...

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    An odd request of the community and I think it is ok because I've been assigned the book to convert by SmiteWorks. I'm happy to prove to any moderator that I am converting the book if they have concerns.

    I'm looking for someone that has a high-res scan (not the DriveThruRPG version) of the maps for Ruins of Undermountain. The version in the PDF is ok but if someone has obtained a version of higher quality then that will help me a lot. If you do have a version please DM me with a link. Thanks,

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    RoU will be a nice addition to the line... I look forward to buying it.
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