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    LFP Wanted: Role players and Thespians Sat 7pm EST -5UTC Homebrew

    Looking for Players: 2 - 6
    Exp with Game: Novice - Expert
    Game System: Pathfinder 1E
    Game Type: One Shot
    Day of Week: Saturday
    Time: 7pm to 12 midnight latest
    Starting: Feb 20th 2021
    Characters: Pre-Gen
    Game Style: 90% Dungeon Romp
    VTT: I have FGU
    Voice: Discord
    Age: Any

    This is a homebrew one shot. Feb 13th We will start with a warm up and introduce the pregen character selection. This should take no more than half hour, followed by game play. This is my first foray into pathfinder, but have been a DM for over 40yrs with 2nd AD&D. I prefer role players over rules lawyers. I enjoy providing the backdrop for players to role-play their characters and have fun. I welcome new players to RPG's. I am easy going and willing to teach those who have never played before. If your interested please contact me on Discord or here. I look forward to hearing from you. Aramis Dante#2342
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    hi im new and im new at dnd and fg but i want to play and learn this game for real .if you are ok with new players i would like to join you

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    That would be fine. However my game on the 13th is full, I have scheduled another on the 20th everything else is the same but the date. My discord name is at the end of my post if you want to chat. Aramis Dante#2342

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