Fantasy Grounds Hosts a regular monthly gameday event where we have several awesome volunteer DMs who run various tables of D&D. It is free and meant to be an environment welcome to all (we have a code of conduct in place we ask people to read and abide by in order to make it a welcoming and inclusive environment).
Dungeon Masters who participate receive special thank-you rewards as listed on our Warhorn event page. (If you're interested in DM-ing, feel free to reach out)
We also have regular DM Trainings to help those looking to go from new to the software to able to run one of the many awesomely converted modules available for Fantasy Grounds.
We are also looking to do other D&D AL related event.

Current Upcoming Event Dates
30.Jan - Monthly Gameday Event
30.Jan - DM Training

Warhorn Event Page

While I usually post in the AL forums, I know some people who may be wanting to get in a D&D game may not be familiar with AL and may be looking to get into a game.

I'll be posting updates in this thread 1-2x/month so people Looking for Games (as players or DMs) can keep tabs on what is going on in case they want to jump in.

D&D Adventurers League is the official Organized Play program by Wizards of the Coast. It's an easy way to find a group of people to play a one-shot D&D game or make friends to do a longer term game.