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    I just ran a test, using my main account on 2 screens on one computer, then a demo account on my laptop so I can see like I'm two players at once.

    When I did that, I noticed that the players can only see their own cards in the combat tracker. So the video above actually works better than we thought. Screenshots below.

    Marshal View:
    FG Duels, Marshal View.png

    The player view, in this case I was logged in as Pat Garret
    FG Duels, Player view.png

    I would still remove the action card from the hand since it's supposed to be different, but you can do that by right clicking, and remove card, it won't remove from the combat tracker. You can see that test here, the 3H is still the action card, but removed from the hole cards.
    Removed Card.png

    My thought about the Marshal knowing the player cards, I would suggest having a rule in your head about only holding action if the athletics die is at least a d8 and the hole card is a 10 or higher (or something similar). Then you're not swayed by what the PC has because you're basing it only on the NPC and the cards in hand. Sort of like blackjack, draw on 16, stand on 17.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikael View Post
    For your information, I am planning feature for the ruleset which will allow you do duels properly. For now, you can use Dr0W's suggested method. The only concern is that GM will see player cards. Like said, with upcoming ruleset update there will be proper way to do this.
    Indeed I said that in my video
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    Yours are still on combat round 6

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    FANTASTIC! You guys rock!
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