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    Experience with FG's "Prepared! One Shot Adventures" bundles?

    Hey fellas.
    2 of my friends want to try out DND and I thought about playing a One Shot with them to give them a general feeling of how everything works.
    Does anybody have experience with the 2 bundles FG has to offer in the store? The 1st one looks especially taste since its only 6,99.

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    I have the 1st one of the series and my personal opinion is that there’s nothing to write home about them. They are more like short encounters, and not very interesting ones, so i’ve not run any of them as a result in the two years or so since its purchase

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    I agree with @Arkanis. Even though it is older and well worn, Lost Mine of Phandelver is a great, self contained module with pre-gen characters. It is good all around for everyone, specially the GM.

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    I agree with Laerun, LMoP is a great starting adventure that requires little preparation. WotC hit the right spot with this one.
    The Ruins of Grendleroot by Sly flourish is a fantastic starting adventure too, I hope it comes soon to FG.

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    If you don't want the price tag of LMoP for starting out. You could just get Storm Lord's Wrath. Though written as the first of 3 follow-on do Dragons of IceSpire Peak. it has more encounter's than a one shot and is cheap, and can turn into a campaign if desired. It also doesn't start at level 1, so the characters will be more survivable. Depends what you want.

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