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    How do you handle sharing the rulebook with players?


    I wonder if someone can help me. I started a new group in Savage Worlds and for the players to have access to the skills and edges/hindrances I have to share the modules in my library, right? So my problem is, when I do this, the players also get access to NPC's and images from these books (B&B Players guide and SWADE Player guide). So is there a way to not having stuff like items and images to appear in the corresponding directories. In case of the B&B Book I think it does spoiler much when your players just look at NPC Stats and images. Is there a checkbox to what parts of the books you want to share? Does anyone else has this problem?
    Or am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for some insights.

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    The NPCs in the Player's Guide are one that can be shared with players or used as allies, if I understand the setup. There is nothing you can do and I think this is intended... The GM Guide has much more NPCs which are only visible to you.
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    Everything in a module is viewable by everyone it's shared with.
    You could make the module unavailable to the players, then share everything in that module you want them to see.

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