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    V5 Companion Module

    Hello people!

    I made a module for the companion adding pretty much everything I could logically for FG. Since the companion is a free supplement I don't think there should be any problem sharing this home made module but just in case:

    I do not own nor do I pretend to own any of the content in the present module. All is the propriety of the original creators AKA Paradox Interactive. This module is for personal use only.

    Now that its out of the way, you will find in here:

    - Clans: Ravnos, Salubri, Tzimisce
    - Tokens : the new logos for the 3 clans (remade by me in 400x400 px)
    - Image: The Chart for the new blood potency levels
    - Table: A simple d16 table with the 3 new clan compulsion (fill with what you have forthe other clans : )
    - Powers : every new power released including the Lingering Kiss errata
    - Merits and Flaws: Both the ghouls and Clan Coterie Merit (CCM)
    - Abbreviated Spc's: Templates for the Szlachta and the Vozhd

    And that's about it. Let me know for if I missed anything else.
    I also created this new thread to make it easier to find in the searches.

    File in the Attachments
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    Thank you for trying to provide content to the community, but I would recommend taking this down till you have permission to distribute it. I would suggest going through the proper channels. Please reach out to support for further instructions.

    Dominic Morta
    Ruleset Developer

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    Alright I'll remove the file then. Didn't think it would do much harm but good point.

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