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    LFP 1 Needed for Campaign on SAT 3-6pm PST DND 5E

    LFP 1 Needed!!

    Hey everyone so my group has recently lost some members due to scheduling. We are looking for one more player to join us in our campaign. We are currently going through Hoard of the Dragon Queen and the players are using level 3 characters. We meet (or try to) every Saturday at 3pm PST and usually go till 6PM sometimes we end sooner. This group is a family friendly group so no foul language or vulgar things as we have couple kids playing with us. If you would like to join and think this would be a good fit for you send me a private message on here and we can chat we would love for you to join us!!!

    Here is some more info for you guys:

    FG License: I am the DM using FG unity paid, so you would need to use Unity as well, but don't need the paid version
    Time Zone: PST
    Day(s) of week: Every Saturday (if scheduling allows)
    Voice: we use discord as means of communicating

    Character Type Preferred: Any that you wish to use, but to give you a bit of info of what the party consists of: we have a human barbarian, halfling rouge, elf ranger, dwarf cleric

    Happy adventuring fellow travelers!

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    New to FG, just bought it on Steam, FG Unity. Experienced in D&D for many decades, have not yet played on FG. Would be interested in your campaign as it fits my schedule. I am in the MST, Arizona which means in March we switch to PDT. The hour difference right now is not a problem. I like arcane spellcasters, but would play anything.

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    I too would be interested. I just sent you a PM.

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    Spot has been filled for anyone else that is interested still. Thank you for inquiring about it.

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    I would be very interested in joining your session. I'm flexible with classes and can play whatever the party needs.

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