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    How to incorporate Bernie into your game?

    This is one of the most stupidest mems to come out lately, so I am on board! Please let me know how you plan incorporate Bernie into your game? I out my Bernie on a Martian landscape.

    the-martian-wallpaper - Copy.jpg

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    Bernie in the Shadowrun Group I wish I had.
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    Just drop this onto your map (token)

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    Ha - yeah gonna do that tonight!

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    How to swap out the GM icon:
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    Just have a bunch of loot chests that are empty after the party has fought against overwhelming odds, defeated the BBEG and expended many expensive to replace magic items.

    In one chest they find a note; "I took it all because I needed it more than you. Seize the means of production Comrades!"

    And then sit back and <DM Laugh> as everyone gets angry that they did all the work for someone else to benefit.
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    That's literally capitalism though.

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