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    Drawing line of sight overlapping lines/Undo

    Is there an Undo when drawing line of site? I just spent an hour detailing a lower deck of a ship. I wanted to try to move the point to a different layer (which I still don't know how to do) I selected all of the points except I was not in selection mode I was in draw pit mode. No problem, I'll just delete this point, and then this point. And wait a minute, that line just spanned the entire lower deck and snapped to ever line it crossed. And every time I delete a point, it snaps to all the line it crosses. It will touch every line in the deck. Every line I will have to erase a point. Every line. Hundred. It is a ****ing nightmare. If there isn't an Undo function for line of site drawing, which would have solve this in seconds instead of hours, how do I lobby to get one? (I realize there are work flow fixes for this. Fine. Lesson learned. But do I really have to spend hours and hours learning lessons like this for simple mistakes?

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    Ctrl-Z is undo. Ctrl-Y is undo the undo.

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